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Hey guys. Wanted to say hello. Been making music for a while now, since I was 16. Been using FL Studio, back then it was called Fruity Loops. They got sued by Kellog's so now it's FL Studio. Thought this is kind of funny.

So on my website, I talk about music production and this kind of stuff. Nothing crazy but a lot of helpful information about music production and the music industry in general. I would make you check it out if I could LOL. 

Anyways, I've already written more than a handful of articles on different subjects such as building your own studio at home or picking the best VSTs for your drum fills. Nothing too crazy, but very informative.

Doing it for so long, I feel like I have a lot of information to share with you. Am I right, boys?

If you want to see what I've built, check Blue Buzz Music, you won't be disappointed.